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Small Business Support

JavaGenesis Owners are friends of mine. Tom and I belonged to AT&T Vets ERG. We attended many Veteran initiatives while there. Tom and Juanice have a been in business for years roasting coffee from exotic coffee growing areas around the world. Like Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Ethiopia Sidamo, Mexico El Triunfo. Uganda, Costa Rica, and many more places where the right coffee beans are harvested shipped and roasted to perfection.

How can we help the troop

Tom and I were talking about what we ship in the care packages, and I told him one of the top things our troops need is good fresh coffee. Not coffee that is produced and roasted and sits in a warehouse before it ships to a store where it sits until the grocery store sells the coffee. Tom told me we could get JavaGenesis this coffee within a few days of roasting. When we ship it to Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere in the world, it will still be fresh. When you open the care package, that’s all you can smell is the sweet aroma of a unique blend they make for our troops. They call it Morning Mojo.

JavaGenesis customers want to help

The remarkable thing about JavaGenesis is they allow their customers to purchase a bag or more to be put in care packages. People love to have the opportunity to support our troops and letting their customers know that they can send quality freshly brewed coffee to our troops is a big plus. One of the Army Chaplains wrote to me and said the coffee in the chaplain’s office stays hot and ready 24 X 7. Because many times the troops will come off of a mission. At night or early in the morning and want a fresh cup of coffee. They are very appreciative the things we put in care packages and the JavaGenesis morning Mojo Coffee it Is a top hit with our soldiers.

Morning Mojo Special Blend

Thank you, Tom and Juanice, for your support. And thank you to JavaGenesis customers for helping to send morning Mojo coffee to our great troops deployed. This is how you do it if you would like to purchase some for our troops. Click Below.


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