Honoring Business Support for Troops – Dude Wipes

People have asked what all goes into the care packages. So, we would like you to know some of the businesses that support our heroes overseas.

Dude Wipes On Shark Tank

Having seen Dude Wipes On Shark Tank, I was telling my wife “I wonder if Dude Wipes would donate some wipes for our Combat Troops? So I went online and sent them an email. We were asking them if they would help our mission of supporting our combat troops. Think about it; combat roles are hot sweaty and downright dusty, especially in the Middle East. We brainstorm about finding the best products to send our forces. So they answered the email we sent right away and asked for a shipping address. In a few days, three boxes of Dude Wipes and Dude Shower came to the door! Getting products designed for men is fantastic. They can easily be stored taken out to the field and ready to use when needed.

All good stuff shipping to our troops!
Thanks Dudes for your support!

Whipes for the troops

When I saw them on Shark Tank, I thought what a concept, wipes for men and what a blessing to be able to send these products to our troops. I appreciate the support. Here is more information about the company and other products they make.

Their story

“We’re four longtime friends who launched DUDE Wipes out of our apartment in Chicago. Our origin story isn’t like most companies. We started DUDE Products to have fun, make shit jokes, and kick ass. It’s been one crazy ride, and we have our loyal DUDE family to thank. Our mission is to keep having fun, build great products, and support you all any way we can. One day we started using baby wipes instead of toilet paper, and our lives were changed. But there was one problem: there were no wipes for on-the-go deucing situations! Sensing a toilet bowl sized hole in the market, we founded DUDE Products. Our first product would be flushable single travel packets of Dude Wipes. For the next six months, we went to work with manufacturers to create the best wipe ever.”


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