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Makes military Grade Socks for our Troops

What’s In The Care Package?

Continuing the story about how certain products get in the care packages we send to the troops. The fact is that the more things find their way in the care packages by way of in-kind donation, the more we can use monetary donations for shipping to the troops. That is why we reach out to small business who are looking for an opportunity to support forces and thank them while they sacrifice for us.

Good Socks in every care package

Our dream was to send socks to our military friends because one of the most stressful places on a soldiers body is their feet. Soldiers are marching, running, climbing, walking, on their feet most of the day, every day. When we first started this charity, we started sending tube socks in care packages. Then we’ve realized socks would probably wear out in a week or two. Through some online investigation, we found this company called Covert Threads. They make all types of socks. But this story on their WEB site sold me on the idea of sending military grade socks designed for soldiers here is the story:

How this happend

“I deployed with II MEF, Feb. ’05 to Fallujah, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
My good friend, Peter Menzies, has been in the sock business for over 60 yrs. Before deploying, Peter gave me 8 pairs of socks.

Although the socks felt great, the extreme heat and other elements resulted in foot problems such as blisters and hot spots. I emailed Peter with these problems and asked him if it was possible to develop a better sock for a specific climate.

Within a month Peter had shipped me a new sock called the “Sand” boot sock. This sock was awesome! It worked so well that I emailed him back and asked if I could get more to hand out to other Marines. The result was Marines ordering more of these socks directly from Peter.

Upon returning from Iraq, Peter and I created a company called “Covert Threads.” Our mission was to develop a line of socks along with other improved garments for the Marine, or anyone looking for comfortable yet rugged socks that stand up to the rigors of harsh climates and conditions.
“A Sock for every clime and every place!”

We are even taking this to the next level and making improved products to outfit the USA’s Finest. Keep in touch for continual updates.

Semper Fi!
Sgt. Russ Meade”

Thank you Peter!

Thank you, Peter, for supporting our troops in this most essential way! We make sure there is a pair in every care package…
Visit Covertthreads.com

Covert Threads military grade socks for troops


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