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We want to tell a story about how certain things get in the care packages we send to the troops. The fact is that the more things find their way in the care packages by way of in-kind donation, the more we can use monetary donations for shipping to the troops. That is why we reach out to small business who are looking for an opportunity to support forces and thank them while they sacrifice for us.


2018 version of our t-shirt

We want to talk about A-Trading T-Shirt and Embroidery, Screen Printing Company. The owner is Alex Kim, and he and I met almost four years ago. A friend of mine was closing a business in Florida, and he sent me 300 T-shirt many were plain and needed IHONORUSA Logo on them. He and I negotiated the price, which dropped the price when I told him I served my military service in his home country, South Korea. He wanted to know why I was sending things to deployed troops. I was explaining why too he and his young daughter and is she touched and teared up because I told her some of the soldiers don’t have any support from home.

Thank you Alex

Alex has been supporting this cause with IHONORUSA T-Shirts ever since. You can purchase the ones we send to our troops from IHONORUSA.com/store. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. If you have a large order, you can buy direct at  http://Atradingus.com.

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Please support A-Trading and visit his Facebook page as well!


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