The pawns of war

American Troops The Best

American troops are highly trained, highly skilled, and highly dedicated. Threats and rumors of threats. A global military dance, repositioning of deadly assets designed for the obliteration of an enemy. What is our world coming to? What happened to diplomacy? America is in the crosshairs of enemy’s and some so-called allies around the world. They want to pluck America like a giant turkey.  You have China poking the US economically and militarily in the South China Sea you got Russia testing us near Alaska and planning to hack into America’s networks The EU is breaking up can they be trusted to have Americas back? Iran is cheating to get nukes and causing problems in the Middle East as we see they are getting more bold with their actions against the United States.

The World Is Coming to

I will tell you what our world is coming to. A place we cannot imagine. A place that if our country is not prepared to fight wars on three fronts and win with overwhelming force our world as we know it will cease to exist. 

What will we do?

Can the American people and our military rise to the occasion without all mighty Gods favor and covering? Let’s pray for that for our country our troops our way of life. We Honor our fallen. We support our troops, help us honor, support, and encourage our deployed combat troops with one small sacrifice from folks back home with military care packages for those who sacrifice so much for us. I continue to make this point. John 15:13 no Grater love has one that will lay down one’s life for his friends, country, family, USA. Because John 10:10  says: The Thief (our enemies) cometh not, but to steal and to kill, and to destroy.   Our Lord and savior Says, I’ve come that (we) may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.

Pray Why?

I say all of that to say be vigilant in prayer for a host of reasons. Pray that God keeps his hand of favor covering over our nation. We need to come together as a nation like we did after 9/11. Oh, I am sorry most people have forgotten and moved on to a new tragedy. People who find ways to be confrontational for no good reason other than an agenda are not helping at all. Please think about supporting those who commit their precious lives to sacrifice all for us in spite of division at home…
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