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About the Founder                  

Ron Hayman, the founder, and president of I Honor Your Service To America. com, Inc, is a Disabled Veteran of the charitable organization. Ron Hayman Sr. is a veteran of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era, deployed to Korea. He began his dream supporting the troops in 2008 and obtained the 501c3 IRS determination letter October 18, 2012. He currently retired from AT&T and is a member of the AT&T Veterans ERG.  This organization ships are year-round to provide much-needed support to of our heroes.

About The Secretary

Laurie Simms, the Secretary,  works for AT&T as a Compliance Analyst and also a veteran she enlisted in 1977 Laurie was trained as an Intelligence Analyst. Deployed to Germany and served in S-1/S-2 (Headquarters and Security) at the battalion level. Redeployed to South Korea in 1982 to be a watch NCO at the Joint Forces Command (all military services U.S./South Korean). : She finished her enlistment teaching new analysts at the Intelligence School.

About the Treasurer

 Margery Childs enjoys helping small businesses and start-ups with their accounting and business issues, but I also love to write.  It was my good fortune to major in Journalism in college (Georgia State University) and then got an associate degree in Accounting (Georgia Perimeter College) Having a passion for freelance writing and solid accounting skills.


I Honor Your Service To America.com. Inc.  501c3

Website: Ihonorusa.com

Facebook: I Honor Your Service To America

Twitter: @ihonorusa  

EIN:  27-2410831

How we got started

The organization vision started in 2008 with a single person having a dream to support and encourage our military men and women at war. Having been in the military and also a disabled vet, Ron Hayman has experienced the joy of getting support from home and seeing the agony of receiving nothing from home.  When he makes a new contact, he always asks who is not receiving Care Packages from home. The IHONORUSA.com organization achieved a 501c3 charity status while sending packages to the war zones in October 2012. In 2018 We shipped over 200 boxes to soldiers around the world. We have two modes of support to our deployed military and veterans. since 2008 we have sent over 800 care packages supporting our troops.

 1.    Send Military Care Packages to the war zone. Procure content to place in the boxes such as snacks, toiletries, first aid items, reading materials, games, movies and puzzles, cards, letters, Challenge Coins, letters and phone cards, and other content as available. 

 2.    Military Care Packages for homeless vets in the Atlanta Metro Area. We will supply similar items to the homeless veterans that we send to deployed troops with the addition of soluble soap, which requires no rinsing and other things tailored for homeless men and women vets.  



Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2018, 3:52 AM

Ron, Laurie, and Margery,

I received two more awesome care packages last night from your organization and wanted to take a few moments to say thank you. Ron, I am glad your retirement is around the corner in the sense that I am sure you are looking forward to it after decades of work. Also after that short well deserved break, I am sure from your latest letter that you are going to dive full time into I Honor Your Service to America. 

Here in Kabul, things have been busy as most of the team recently transitioned back to the U.S. and now we are integrating their replacements. The timing on the care packages was impeccable, and the new shirt is awesome (Boots on the Ground) so pass my compliments. 

Outside that, the new crew has already used up most of the toiletry stuff, and I restocked our food stores so thank you again. Please tell Girl Scout Troop 14609 we at the National Mission Brigade appreciate their support and tell the kids who sent the questions that The team and I have read and among us answered all their interest. I would love to send a response to the class if you can send me a point of contact. 


FOB SCORPION, AFGHANISTAN “… soldiers who receive your care packages feel honored as well to get a package…”

Angelina E. – April 2015

“…incredible support you have sent our way!”

Jeremiah C. – November 2014

“…your package had all kinds of great stuff and brought a smile to my face to see this.”

Paul F. – July 2014

“… it is a great honor to accept these gifts knowing that someone somewhere recognizes our sacrifices… the care packages give me a spark in my pride and help with the dreary days that have taken a toll on the morale.”

Delilah B.

“. . . Soldiers love the support shown by our fellow Americans, especially young Americans. It gives us that extra push we need . . .”

Tina M.

“. . . When you’re in locations like some of us Soldiers are in, just getting a package with items that remind you of home brings your motivation up a level.”

–    Michael A. – Nov 2013

“When we hear from the folks back at home we are reminded of why we are serving, why we are here, why we carry forward, and what it truly means to be an American soldier serving our country to protect our freedoms.”

Elizabeth P. – Dec 2009

“I shared the cookies and snacks with my Soldiers, and it is always appreciated.  Thank you for keeping my Soldiers and me in your thoughts and prayers.”

Chris S – Afghanistan

“It’s the little things like that [Girl Scout Cookies] which have kept us running out here so far from home and the people we love.”

Wes W – Afghanistan

“Everything that I could have hoped for (OREO’S is my favorite!)!”

Jimmy L – July 2013

“It totally lifts my spirits to a package in the mail, and there were so many goodies!”

Lt S 

“I am moved with emotion every time I see the awesome support we have from back home!”

Jeremiah C – April 2014

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