I didn’t hear much about:

The brave Black soldiers that died in World War II. The United States lost so many soldiers. Black soldiers were pressed into service to fight for their country. Initially, Black Soldier’s use was Limited to menial tasks like loading trucks moving supplies and other things but fighting in the war. Just like the Buffalo soldiers of old, they distinguish themselves on the battlefield. 

I also didn’t hear much about the Navajo code talkers. The Germans could never crack the codes because they couldn’t speak Navajo. Navajo soldiers and code talkers were never allowed to talk about what they did in the war. Because the United States might be needed again in battle. 

Didn’t hear much about Tuskegee airmen. The thought of black men flying airplanes bombing people was not in most leaders minds back in those days. Once taught how to operate fighter planes, the Tuskegee Airmen had a distinguished record flying support guarding our bombers over Europe. 

Also, let’s not forget the Asian American and Pacific Islanders who fought many wars in Europe and the Pacific. Also distinguishing themselves as having Japanese Heritage fighting for America. 

I want to honor the memory of all the Warriors who served in the second world war. There were so many people of their different heritages and backgrounds amazingly that made one America. One strong America able to beat back the tyranny of Nazi Germany. My thought is, Will we ever be one America again? Looks as if our country is separating Like oil on the water having our own drives our own initiatives our own cultures are own mindsets pray for one America again.



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