D-Day Tragedy to Triumph

The enormity of the men, material, armaments necessary to perform the most significant invasion in history was a great accomplishment for sure. The tragedy was the deaths of so many Allied Forces many in the air on the sea and land. The tragedy of an event that engulfed the world with death and destruction.

Triumph for the world

Triumph the world is saved by mostly American Forces the backbone of freedom. Thank God that so many volunteered (ran) to confront the enemy and drive them back to their homeland. Evil is always trying to stamp out good. As long as we remember that and learn from history, never again will we let a tyrant go so far as Hitler did in his quest to rule the world. Thanks to so many good triumphed over evil.

I Met a WWII Hero.

I have the honor of meeting a great American who fought in WWII. His name is Mr. Roy Goodwin. Mr. Goodwin is a true America Hero who answered the call to action and joined the Marine Corps. Mr. Goodwin answered the call, and that generation is called the greatest generation because of great sacrifices, 418,500 soldiers dead and scores wounded. The call to action in those days was a call for the survival of the free world American men and women serving faithfully and victoriously. Fly the flag at your house or business show your family, friends, and neighbors. You Honor our current Military and their service to America!




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