America Projects it’s Power By

Who are these people who serve on the seven seas?

The US NAVY, they are the tip of the spear!

When China tries to take Taiwan or Russia tries to move on the Baltic States, or if Iran decides it is the right time to strike Israel. The United States Military is on guard.  The West as we know it has serious problems. The United States politically is divided. Europe Is also divided. The United States has been the world power that has had Its finger in the dikes around the world. Keeping America and the world safe from a flood of natural born terrorist and dictators on this earth. Our Navy and other brave military services can project it’s power to anywhere in the world to keep us safe. Do we as a world power believe we can defy history and continue as the most significant world power ever to bless the world? Can a horse walk on 2 legs and a Lion bite with no teeth? Can this nation agree on anything? Half is pulling right, and half pulling left.

The signs of judgment are clear and historical.

Abortion, sexual perversion, human trafficking, government corruption, wrong is the new right.  I could go on and on. These are the seeds of the destruction of nations. All you have to do is go to the bible. Look it up in the history books. History repeats itself. Will our military be able to save us from the wolves at our borders and around the world. Will America ever be these United States of America again! I am all for Making America Great, but will America ever be United that is the question??? Wake up America – Repent, Revival, Rejoice!

America projects it’s power by having the world’s best Navy of all time.

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