Anonymous Donors Thank You!

Several donors have donated anonymously on the web site and through Facebook Fundraising.

 I Honor Your Service To America .com Inc. 501c3 Charity.  We would like to thank you all for your donations to support our combat troops through this charity.   We are reaching out to you let you know the impact to our troops is said by one soldier: “the care packages help us get through, 12-15 hr. A day shifts. The snacks, coffee, toiletries, comics, magazines, kids pictures, Bibles, help us get through our deployment as a welcome distraction. Please keep them coming!”

We think it is fantastic to thank our men and women for their service when we see them here stateside. We like to thank them on the battlefield where they are serving to protect our nation. As our brave soldier said, please keep your donations coming to help our men and women in the military combat situations… Thank you for your support!!!

Just one more thing, we would like to say how important it is to get a constant stream of donations. We ship to units all year around the world which means we have to replenish parts stock of goodies and things they need that we’ll be able to serve them the whole year. Thank you again for your support is much appreciated by our troops.

Thanks for supporting our troops CAMO

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