Let’s Do it Again This Year

Let’s do it again, this year!

Many ask us what the Impact is to our troops when they receive care packages? Please read the letter below. It explains how our care packages Impact the lives of our troops, especially at Christmas time. By the way, we are still supporting the above unit the past 2 years.
NMB-SOAT XO 26 December 2017 

I Honor USA Supporters,

Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan! Hope you and your team had a wonderful Christmas, and this message finds you enjoying some needed rest and recuperation (R&R) time before the start of a new year. I am writing because I wanted to take a few moments to communicate with you and your team at IHONORUSA.COM a huge “thank you”. This appreciation is on behalf of all the Soldiers and Support Personnel Assigned to the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command-Special Operations Advisory Group. (ANASOC-SOAG), National Mission Brigade for all of the support you guys provided to our Christmas Holiday. 

I don’t even know where to start,

but will tell you that due to all the care packages containing stockings filled with goodies and toiletries I had a team of folks smiling ear to ear at our Christmas Party. Due to your contributions, we had more than enough stockings for our entire team. This small celebration was instrumental in sharing our Culture and building onto our relationship with them – that will provide crucial influence as we go into the fighting season. I don’t know the total count but do know the mail clerk knows me by name.  Because the boxes just kept coming prior to Christmas. I know a lot of work went into preparing and getting all the care packages here.  So I wanted to tell you and your team some of our favorite words in military jargon, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

If possible please communicate,

to your team that their efforts are far from unnoticed at FOB Scorpion. Matter of fact I see people daily in IHONORUSA t-shirts. And using material that has been delivered in care packages. We have a dedicated room in our building set aside so Soldiers can come in and get toothpaste, snacks, coffee, etc. It is a huge morale boost. Most of that material is provided by you and your team. Additionally, with it being the holidays. I personally appreciate all that you did and can assure you it is things like your support which mean the world to our team while deployed during the Holidays. If you guys had not sent the care packages and stockings some of our personnel would not have received anything for
Christmas making what you do even more important.
In regards to the letters and Christmas cards from the packages. We posted our favorites, and I read through each of them promising that I will try to respond to several that contained contact info. As always the effort and creativity with the stockings was outstanding. And again the NMB thanks you for your support that was instrumental in allowing an awesome Christmas for NMB-SOAT XO SUBJECT: THANK YOU FOR CHRISTMAS CARE PACKAGES 
Those of us deployed.
It also made a strong statement especially to the younger guys that American’s back home are still thinking of us. 
I have included a photo of the team with the stockings at our Christmas Party. I will send you some additional photos in the near future once I move them from my phone to our network. Thank you again and if you need anything from this side of the world don’t hesitate on letting me know. Happy New Year! 
G. D. L
Ron Hayman – Founder Laurie Simms – Secretary Margery Phelps – Treasurer

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