9/11 One Nation under God

When 9/11 Happened

When 9/11 happened I saw the whole thing on a big monitor at work. I struggled to process what was going on as additional information came in on news bulletins. Was this WWIII happing? How many more attacker’s were out there? That is when we became one America.

My team watched in horror

My team watched in horror as the World Trade Centers cascaded to the ground. New York City, Pennsylvania, Washington DC the news came in like a terror a minute. All general aviation stopped. National military on alert. A nation ready to strike back. I knew people willing to join the military. I was too old to go back in the military, but I felt like I should do something to thank some of those who volunteered to take the fight to the enemy for America!

How can I help?

With all of the wars going on in the Middle East what could I do??? In 2008, I had a dream I was handing Care packages to some soldiers in Afghanistan out of my personal car. Weird as it was it sparked the movement that many of you continue to support till this day. Now it is the 10th anniversary of the idea of ihonorusa.com and I Honor Your Service To America, supporting combat troops around the world.

One America?

I wish the country could be united like we were during the 9/11 terror attacks. Do we need some country to attack us or some massive natural disaster to hit this country to humble us all into oneness? Care for each other regardless of race, creed, religion, politics. One nation under God. We will continue to serve those who fight for us, as if we are, one nation under God…

Thanks to our Military

We here in The United States of America The greatest place to live in the world.we must not forget about what is going on around the world, concerning our military. Our troops are located in a very hot combat zone. They provide us the ability to live in Freedom in this country. John 15:13 says Grater love has no one than this: to lay his life down for his friends. Our military is no joke. They are fighting and dying on the battlefield and in training. They are sacrificing their lives and families for us. Take a minute to think about the kindest we can be to our forces in combat zones. I have thought long and hard about this.  

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