This warms my heart

This warms my heart

To actually see the joy in the faces of our Hometown Heroes when they receive what we have sent.  We don’t always get responses from the troops we ship care packages to. Sometimes they are out on dangerous missions, the units move around from one place to another, defending America. There are many reasons why. When we do get a letter, Facebook post or email, it is an expression of appreciation, and thanks for people (you all) who they don’t even know, that would take the time, effort, and donations to support them in combat areas. Thank you all for providing the resources, and products to send to our military.  Please pray and thank God for those who are called to defend our Nation.

Why we do this

Spreading the love in the mist of a hate-filled environment where the enemies hate you and want to kill you. Their actions are fueled by hate. We with the Care packages we send are trying to weave love into a day that could have been a hateful experience for our troops. With the comfort foods letters bibles prayers comics DVDs of love, we try to make things better for our men and women who choose to sacrifice their lives for us in the hateful environment around the world. Let’s support them. Thank you!

Hometown heroes

It is always good when we can ship care packages to Kin of coworkers, friends, and relatives and even people we don’t know.. It is also a high honor to send care packages to hometown heroes that were deployed to combat zone areas to serve their country on July 17, 2018. The 201st RSG bid farewell to their families fat Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Let’s support our hometown heroes with military care packages. We have shipped 4 today of many to ship in the months to come. You can help by clicking on this link Donate. Thank you for supporting our hometown heroes!

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