Whenever I hear of one or more of our soldiers have fallen in battle. I wonder about the time leading up to their death. So they join the military and go into basic training. Then they go into AIT Advanced Individual Training. Then they may go to Jump school of Special Ops. School, flight school. Then training with the unit they are attached to. This training could take up to 2 years.

Deployments come, one after another to places no human should or could live in peace. The intense nerve racking minutes, hours, days hell braking lose all around you. You are committed to the fight, your battle buddies, your life, no way out, unlike a bad dream that makes you sweat in the night and the only way to wake from the fight is win or die.

I wonder if those soldiers, airman, marines, sailors, in the lull of battle received the support from family, cards, letters, goodies from home. Something to make them feel that someone out there in the so called “sane world” let them know that their fight is our fight, their sacrifice is our sacrifice, and we wish to encourage them to fight on to victory.

I pray if any of those men or women left it all on the battle field, they were supported by someone from home that wanted to show them we loved them and supported them while in battle. Thank God for all of you who have helped this cause, Honor, Support, and Encourage our deployed troops and never forgetting our homeless vets who sacrificed the best years of their lives defending the USA!

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