What is the fuss about Care Packages?

You may wonder what all the fuss about care packages is on this site, as opposed to the recipients of care packages. If you have ever traveled and there happens to be a USO in the airport you are in, you might want to poke your head in the door and see just who the possible recipients of our care packages are. I have heard comments on a plane that the soldiers are so young, or they are just babies. Well, that is mostly true for our whole military. Most of your new recruits are 17, 18, 19 years old and for some of them, it is the first time they have ever been away from home. Aircraft carriers that sail anywhere on the planet, with a strike force of ships, can wreak havoc on most nations are operated by 5,000 sailors, mostly young adults.

Our commanders and our sergeants running operations around the world understand the morale equation.  When you are under the stress and strain of combat, care packages take the edge off of what they have to deal with mentally and physically. The positive effect on morale is even greater if the recipient has no idea the care package is coming to him or her.  The things we put in the care package are important. If they are deployed to an area where there is famine, the soldiers will need more meat products for protein because the country that they are fighting in may not have enough for its own people, let alone to provide to US supporting forces. You may question if our government takes care of their every need? The answer is no! So in addition to the meat products, we add beef jerky, Girl Scout / Oreo cookies, snacks, military-grade Covert Thread socks, premium fresh roasted GavaJenesis Coffee, current bestseller books, DVDs, CDs, cards, and letters from kids – all of which results in a lot of positive feedback from the recipients.

Other things our young troops may suffer from, separation anxiety (from home life), CTSD – Current Traumatic Stress Disorder (from a recent firefight or witnessing the death of a Unit member), PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (having participated in previous firefights or losses built up from multiple deployments).  So that is why IHONORUSA.com focuses on putting things in the care packages that will give them something “nice” and non-stressful to enjoy them for the moment.

Your prayers and continued support are critical to our mission – thank you for your support!

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