Vietnam Vet

I took a picture of this Vietnam Vet while attending the Wreaths Across America event at the Marrietta National Cemetery last year. I took the shot because I could see the reflection on this man’s face, which I interpreted as him revisiting a place far far away and thinking about soldiers that did not come back alive. He, as many were making a pilgrimage to honor those not at fortunate as him. It was a day fitting for sad reflection. Cold, rainy and gloomy, which seems to be the MO for these events.

I saw this man 3 weeks ago at the Wall That Heals display in Johns Creek. I walked up to verify if that was him attending the Wreaths Across America and it was him. We spoke briefly about our service deployments. It was very nice meeting him. I hope he checks this FB page. We took some selfies and spoke about some things we did back in the day. Some good and some not so good. By the God the grace of God we made it back home safe.

People were not happy about the war in Vietnam and we still agonize if it was the correct thing for our country to do. Many men and Women died in that war because some politician beat his chest and sent them far away from home to died. We support deployed troops to combat zones around the world. If they have to take their last dying breath, by the care package we send they will know we honor, support and encourage them for their sacrifice.
You can help with this cause, 501c3 organization support our troops by donating to purchase content: Snacks, toiletries, DVDs, recurring donations of $10.00 or more, tax deductible. Other items to send are coloring books and color ink or crayons, beef jerky. These are much-needed items to help the morale of our troops. Please help… #IHONORUSA

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