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I am honored to say thank you, to all of you that have contributed to the cause of supporting our deployed military in war zones around the world with care packages. I am thankful that many of you have leaned in, to supporting those who sacrifice so much to defend our nation. Those of you that have donated through Employee Giving thank you so much.
Hello, donors and supporters and FB Liker’s of I Honor Your Service To America a 501c3 Org. This is the time of the year that people contribute to causes they are passionate about. We want to first thank all our donors who provide a variety of things to the cause like Money, toiletry products, magazines, music CDs, knitted items, socks, DVDs, can goods, snack items, Oreo cookies, beef jerky, coco, coffee, first aid items, Q-tips, challenge coins, cards, letters, playing cards, games, T-shirts and more to place in the military care packages.
Our troops appreciate that we take the time and effort to support them in their cause, of protecting this nation from all enemies. The recipients of the care packages are very thankful that you are sacrificing a little to support those military and their families who sacrifice so much. Our goal this year is to ship 100 military care packages. Last year we have reached and surpassed our goal in time for Christmas at 61. YTD we have shipped 92 care packages with your help.
We are a cadre’ (Army) of people honoring, supporting and encouraging our military. Your donations and products at work for good! Care package support of homeless vets, who have given the best years of their lives for this country living on the streets or in transitional housing. It is this time of year we support homeless Vets with warm items, socks, warm clothes a lot of the same things we send to our troops deployed in dangerous combat areas. I thank each and everyone for your donations in prayers, time, products, money, and commitment to serve our combat ready military, who work very hard, to keep us safe here at home.
Thank you for touching lives with your donations and support! For the most part, the military recipient has no idea who sent the care packages we send. They just know we love and support their gallant efforts to fight for this country…
Donors / Supporters list
Michael Doyle – AT&T Vets. ERG
Tom & Ginny Harder
Laurie Simms
Tom Christian – Javagenesis Coffe Roasting
Niki Willams – Delta Sigma Theta
A-Trading T-shirt Co.
Michael Greenwood
Fiber to the world AT&T
Rick Bowen – 82nd Airborne
Margery Childs- Author
Todd Hicks – Allegiance Retirement Solutions
Hyacinth Freeman
Suwanee Family Dentistry
Anne Irwin Fine Art LLC
Amazon Smiles
Omaha Stakes
Beef Jerky Outlet – MOG
Lisa Sutton
Judi Perez
Artist Rocks The Mike – ARTM
Butta B-Rocka ATRM
Deloris Peaches ARTM
Karen Baker ARTM
Alveta Jackson ARTM
Shiela Messamore
Lonnie Chaney
Catherine Hoffman-Gist Cricket
Craig Gardinelli – Vietnam War Vet
Archie McCain
Tyna Peterson
Mark Harris
Teresa Simmons
Darleen Wilkins
Debbie Condon
Mark Harper
Mary Lou Arnold
Pamela Booker
Dion McMiller
LeAngel Turner
J Hunsaker – Dior
Debbie Shaw
Fran Downs
Shiela Hull
Robin McClam
David Centifanto
Doris Hayman
Natalie Hayman
Lily Cekan Artwork
Ron Hayman Jr.
Ronnie Hayman III Artwork
Christine Hayman
Ron Hayman Sr.
Vicky Born
Elizabeth Hayman
AT&T Lindbergh Cntr. (anonymous donors)
Lea Burnett
Tracy Taback
Steve Joiner GA Telco
Patricia Lowney
Craig Wright
Luci Stoffer
Melinda Beisel
Jane Schalk
Justin Aleman
Nicole Nguyen
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