Honor The Fallen

Memorial day 1 2016November 19, 2014

Shipped on Friday to Unit Males 25th Signal Battalion stationed in Afghanistan. Let us continue to Honor, Support, and Encourage our military in combat zones. A care package means they understand, with all the drama that is going on back home we appreciate the work they do to protect us. This month we also Honor those who have died. Lets not forget those who are fighting and alive. They need to know we care, and support them.

Here is a letter from a Chaplain leaving the war zone in 2014:

November 19, 2014

Dear Friends, my time here in Afghanistan is quickly drawing to an end and I wanted to write you today to express my appreciation for all the incredible support you have sent our way! I’m continually amazed to see the evidence of America’s support for all of us serving over here! Just yesterday I received 10 large boxes stuffed full of blessings, which we shared until everything was gone in only a few hours!
Although I am departing, my Soldiers of the 25th Signal Battalion are not. I thank God that My replacement will be arriving shortly to continue this ministry and I humbly ask for your continued support. Although President Obama has ordered a drawdown of US military personnel here, please remember there will be almost 10,000 serving here still. Please continue to support them!
May God bless you! Happy Thanksgiving!

“By God’s grace, never unprepared, always ready!”

25th Signal Battalion
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Remember the care we give them over there will be much appreciated and remembered for a lifetime. Please honor the fallen this month and support those who are sacrificing for us now! Thank you for your support. You have probably have seen many war stories of how it is in war. It is much different these day’s with many more ways to die in war. Please help us so your love for our troops by supporting this cause.
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