President’s Volunteer Bronze Service Award

I was surprised to find out recently that I received an award from the office of the White House.In 1989 President George H. W. Bush started this volunteer initiative during his inaugural address which invokes the vision of a “thousand points of light,” and invites the nation to take action through service to their fellow citizens. This initiative has continued to our current president.

Presidents Volunteer Bronze Service Award

Presidents Volunteer Bronze Service Award


I have included pictures of the certificate the letter and the logo of National and community service points of light. I have to say, I was honored to receive this award for supporting our deployed troops and homeless vets with military care packages. I also have to say that I would have not received this award if it had not been for the support the donors, businesses, coworkers, friends, family, and AT&T Veterans. They have made it possible to show our deployed troops and homeless vets that we stand with them in battle through these military care packages. These troops work to protect us and we want to ensure they have our support both on and off the battlefield, which makes our work with the homeless vets equally important to help restart their lives after deployment.

I truly appreciate those of you who have supported this cause and followed us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and our website Because of your continued and increasing support we will be able to show more of our deployed troops who are in the Middle East, Africa,  South Korea, Europe and anywhere there is an APO and a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, or Home Land Security to ship to. Lets go for the gold! We are sending troops to the Middle East please continue to support our troops in harms way…

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