2015 Great Year for Supporting Our Troops

As you may know Supporting our troops is very important to our cause. Hello donors and supporters and FB Liker’s of: I Honor Your Service To America a 501c3 Org. This is the time of the year that people contribute to causes they like. We have been very busy, We want to first thank all the our donors who provide a variety of things to the cause like: Money, toiletry products, magazines, CDs, knitted items, socks, DVDs, can goods, snack items, Oreo cookies, beef jerky, coco, coffee, first aid items, Q-tips, challenge coins, cards, letters, playing cards, games, T-shirts and more to place in the military care packages.

Our troops appreciate that we take the time and effort to support them in their cause of protecting this nation from all enemies. The recipients of the care packages are very thankful that you are sacrificing a little to support those military and their families who sacrifice so much. You have helped us to earn a Certificate of Appreciation from the 25th Signal Battalion Serving in the Middle East. Our goal was to ship 60 military care packages. This year we have reached and surpassed our goal in time for Christmas at 61. You helped us reach our goal. Let’s do it again next year! We are a cadre’ of people honoring, supporting and encouraging our military. Your donations and products at work for good! Thank you so much…

Achieving our goal of 61 military care packages to the military in war zones.

Achieving our goal of 61 military care packages to the military in war zones.

Donors / Supporters list

AT&T Vets. ERG
Tom & Jenny Harder
Larie Simms
Tom Christian
Niki Willams – Delta Sigma Theta
A-Trading T-shirt Co.
Michael Greenwood
Rick Bowen – 82nd Airborne
Todd Hicks – Allegiance Retirement Solutions
Suwanee Family Denistry
Lisa Sutton
Judi Perez
Shiela Messamore
Lonnie Chaney
Catherine Hoffman-Gist Cricket
Craig Gardinelli
Archie McCain
Tyna Peterson
Mark Harris
Teresa Simmons
Darleen Wilkins
Debbie Condon
Mark Harper
Pamela Booker
Michael Doyle
Dion McMiller
J Hunsaker – Dior
Debbie Shaw
Fran Downs
Shiela Hull
Robin McClam
Fiber to the world AT&T
David Centifanto
Doris Hayman
Natalie Hayman
Lily Hayman
Ron Hayman Jr.
Ronnie Hayman III
Cristine Hayman
Ron Hayman Sr.
Elizabeth Hayman
AT&T Lindbergh Cntr. (anonymous donors)
Dollar Smart Store
Charles Mbah
Steve Joiner
Luci Stoffer
Melinda Beisel
431 FB Likers

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