Tragedy in Chattanooga TN


God almighty, what is happening to our country?

Unbelievable tragedy is occurring in our country. it is not safe on our streets, in our schools, our airways, our boarders, our work places, our places of entertainment, playgrounds, anywhere you can think of is not safe. The most ridicules thing that is happening is our military is not safe in this country. What a travesty is for our military to not be safe in the country they fight for. I can’t rap my head around the notion that some will bend over backwards to accommodate terrorist criminals “they have right too” LOL but many law abiding people in this country are seeing a slow moving anarchy and feeling like you can’t be in your house without a weapon or can’t leave the house without a weapon.

I have the deepest sympathy for those Marines killed in Chattanooga TN today. My heart goes out to the families of those soldiers who’s job is to protect us at home and abroad. I pray comfort for the families…

The terrorist are here because this country has no boundaries, no limits, no cares, no time, no way, no spine, to stop them. All we can do now is react to tragedies like Chattanooga TN and Charleston SC. God help this country. Although we support our troops in combat zone areas we have to be aware of the fact that terror has come to the home land and will continue to come here and try to disrupt the sovereignty of this nation. We honor all our troops domestic and deployed to lands many miles away. We pray every day that our troops are sage where ever they may be deployed, home or over seas. Thank God for brave men like Skip Wells and others who risk their live so that we may be free. Please help us with this cause of supporting out troops around the globe.Tribute to our fallen

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