Women in Arms and Mothers

Women in Arms and Mothers.

Celebrating mothers in the armed forces all around the world. Some in combat roles many in near combat roles. On this mothers day let’s celebrate them, thank them, honor them and support them. Here is a story about women in the military by Lisette Alvarez published September 26, 2009:
More than 100,000 female soldiers who have served in the wars are mothers, nearly half the number of women who have been deployed. The vast majority are primary caregivers, and a third are single mothers. Like men, they turn to the military for all sorts of reasons. The pay is good, particularly in a war zone, the benefits are excellent and the jobs offer financial security and career advancement — all of which is good for their children. Many love their work and feel a sense of pride and patriotism in defending the country.
The military has in large part adapted to women living, working and fighting successfully alongside men in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bringing home their own medals for bravery. Women can now find birth control on bases in war zones and get ultrasounds and gynecological exams. Married couples share trailers.
Motherhood, though, poses a more formidable challenge for the armed forces.
Help us support all of our women in the military! Follow this story with the link below. Find out some facts about women in the military you never knew. Women do amazing work in the military much like their male counterparts. To this day they have hard time in a mostly male dominated field. They excel and persevere even in cases where there is blatant abuse. Please click or paste  the link to read more.




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