Save the USS Ranger

Hello I Honor USA supporters please read the info below about saving a hero from the military equipment perspective. The USS Ranger Air Craft Carrier. Lets petition to save this still very useful ship with the way the world is we may need her services again like we did the Battle USS New Jersey during the Vietnam War… Greetings, I am Jeff Young the President of the AT&T Vets Organization Southeast Chapter. Today I would like to inform you all of an opportunity to help make a difference in the life of an actual United States Navy Aircraft Carrier: the USS Ranger (CV-61). Ranger, having been decommissioned in 1993 (right after I left the ship), now resides in Bremerton Washington in mothballs waiting for orders to be scrapped (similar to what’s currently being done to the USS Constellation). Fortunately there is work underway (pun not intended) to rescue her from this unseemly fate in the form of moving her (Ranger) to Long Beach, CA and converting her to a Air and Space Museum (among other functions). In order to do this support is needed from
the community. I would like to therefore offer you all the opportunity to sign an online petition to move her from the scrap list to a donor list for this purpose. If you are willing to sign the
petition and provide an email address (I signed up 2 months ago) you will help us save this mighty ship! The url is:
Important note!! The above link does not work with IE8. Please use another browser (e.g. Firefox found under the name Mozilla).
The petition has additional information about Ranger so feel free to at least look at the site. I served as her Electronic Warfare Officer and Tactical Action Officer during her last two cruises
(1990 (Desert Storm) and 1992 (Southern Watch) and would be happy to discuss this with anyone.
Thank you very much!
Jeff Young
President, AT&T Veterans Organization Southeast Chapter

Send a military care package in the form of a petition to save the USS Ranger

Send a military care package in the form of a petition to save the USS Ranger


  1. Israel Vasquez on January 24, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Please save this piece of American history

  2. Chuck Reynolds on January 26, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    We need to utilize our ships ans use them as museums and for saving. SAVE THE RANGER, Don’t scrap another carrier.

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