280,000 Women Served in military Post-9/11 Era

280,000 women served since 9/11 OMG who knew?

280,000 women served since 9/11 OMG who knew?

September 24, 2014

280,000 who knew how many women? Most of these women were directly exposed to combat and the daily threat of wartime violence. Today, DAV is releasing a new, landmark report – Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home – which identifies significant gaps in federal services for women in health care, transition services, disability compensation, employment, community reintegration, housing and the eradication of military sexual assault. Visit www.DAV.org/womenveterans to read the entire report and recommendations. — with David Pate, Sierr

I Honor Your Service to America.com Serving women with military care packages at war are a special priority for our organization. Military women overcome challenges and we try to help them, with encouragement, specialty products they need. Who knew how many women served in that time period. Special thanks for your courage, your heart to serve our country and your bravery. God bless you all! Help us help them, Donate.

Don’t forget the many Women that served, fought, and died for this Country. Support the Women’s Memorial Foundation. Pictures form the Women’s Memorial Calendar. Thank you ladies I Honor Your Service to America!

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