Military Care Packages

Our heroes opening a care package from I Honor USA

Our heroes opening a care package from            I Honor USA



I Honor USA  has sent Military Care Packages to our Troops since 2008. We received our IRS determination letter in 2012 to become a 501c3 business. Now everyone that donates to this cause will get a tax donation for their gift. We would ask you to see some of the heartfelt letters and emails we received from our heroes who serve so gallantly for our protection. These are the reasons we send military care packages and why we feel it is so important. I warn men and women alike you may shed a tear at what you are about to read. I have left off the names for their privacy.UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Thank you very much for your package, It had all kinds of great stuff and brought a smile to my face to see this. The movies and cards from the children always brightens my day when I can see something like this. Reminds me why I am out here doing what I am doing. Even though I am training really hard, those OREO cookies will get eaten ha-ha. Was very surprised when I got a package and again thank you so much for doing that, this is a great service that you all provide. I shared everything with my Soldiers and we all thank you. Again I can’t thank you all enough, was a great pleasure to receive this and I feel honored to be a part of such a great nation and company for doing this.
Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am writing to say that I received my care package. I appreciate not only the goodies inside but the inspiring words and the AT&T Veteran’s coin. I am not sure how you got my name but it is a great honor to accept these gifts knowing that someone somewhere recognizes our sacrifices. As I have been in country for 8 months this gives me a spark in my pride and helps with the dreary days that have taken a toll on the morale. I will very soon be redeploying and am now looking forward to seeing my 4 children. As I know they are ready for me to come home. Again thank you for your gratitude and pride in not only me but my brothers and sister in arms and our GREAT Nation. Have a Blessed Day!!!

Thank you very much for the care package that your organization sent to my unit!!!! We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring spirit. We, Soldiers love the support shown by our fellow Americans, especially the young Americans. It gives us that extra push we need to get through the day and lets us know that what we do is appreciated and that our sacrifices are noted. Thank you very much for the care packages that your organization sent to my unit!!!! We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring spirit. We, Soldiers love the support shown by our fellow Americans. It gives us that extra push we need to get through the day and lets us know that what we do is appreciated and that our sacrifices are noted. We greatly appreciate your generosity. Once again Thank you!! May God continue to bless us all!! Please tell Mr. Hayman thank you as well. I saw his name on the outer package. God bless SFC T.M.A 160th Signal Brigade.
Hello to all from,

I got the package Sat. November 9th. My Soldiers and I really appreciate your time and effort that was put into getting the package here. When you’re in locations like some of us Soldiers are in, just getting a package with items that remind you of home brings your motivation up a level. If one Soldiers motivation increases it helps to bring up another Soldier and so on. As a Platoon Sergeant a boost of motivation keeps the moral up and keeps Soldiers alert. There’s a saying in the ARMY that says “Stay alert stay alive”. So if a package can help keep us motivated it keeps us alive and we the Soldiers love motivation and life. So thank you again for the LIFE you sent to us.

To everyone who has kept us in their thoughts & prayers:

Hello! I hope that my letter finds you all well and in good spirits. How does one even begin to express the amount of gratitude felt towards your generous expressions of appreciation, through both letters and care packages? Myself and my fellow troops are overwhelmed by your heartfelt messages and great tokens of thanks; making everyday feel like another day worth pushing forward here in Iraq. When we hear from the folks back at home we are reminded of why we are serving, why we are here, why we carry forward, and what it truly means to be an American soldier serving our country to protect our freedoms. As I have shared your letters, your cards, or your care packages with my fellow coworkers in the emergency room we have enjoyed each and every one of them and it makes us proud all over again of what we do, and that is making sure that every Airman, or every Soldier, is fit to fight the war that still continues. I thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, especially over the holiday season, a difficult time to be away from families, a difficult time to be serving so far away. However, our spirits are strong and our belief in bringing us all home safe holds true. We will be returning in a few weeks so I ask that you hold off from sending any more letters or packages in my name. But remember that although my crew and I will be returning to Eglin AFB in Florida, another crew must replace us, the mission does not stop. This crew will also benefit from your love, support, and prayers from home. This ER crew is also my coworkers filling our positions. Even though the letters or packages will no longer be in my name, the address will remain the same if you were looking to continue your support to EMEDS, as these troops will be here for awhile and just arriving in country. Again, I thank you for all of the appreciation and gratitude you have shown and provided to me and my troops as it has been overwhelming. Your prayers and support keep us going that one extra day. We are here so that America may sleep safe at night and this includes our families too! God bless you for all that you are and all of the time that you have dedicated to give us a minute of thanks from your hectic lives, it has went a mile! If there is an email address, possibly I could forward a few pictures on upon my return to the states.

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