Report On Shipping Military Care Packages


Military Care Packages

I Honor Your Service To

Hello liker’s, donors and supporters of sending military care packages to our troops. I Honor Your Service To America 501c3 Org. I know I am late on this mid year report again, but we have been very busy, wanted to first thank all the our donors who provide a variety of things to the cause like: toiletry products, magazines, books, CDs, Knitted items, DVDs, can goods, snack items, Oreo cookies, beef jerky, coco, first aid items, Q-tips, challenge coins, cards, letters, playing cards, games,Money, and more in the military care packages.

So far this year we have shipped 31 military care packages as many as we shipped all last year. I Honor military care packages we have sent over 260 lbs. of love from state side. The troops appreciate the fact that we take the time and effort to support them in their cause of protecting this nation from all enemies. The recipients of the care packages are very thankful that you are sacrificing a little to support them who sacrifice so much. Here is a email from a recipient.

Thank you very much for your package, It had all kinds of great stuff and brought a smile to my face to see this. The movies and cards from the children always brightens my day when I can see something like this. Reminds me why I am out here doing what I am doing. Even though I am training really hard, those OREO cookies will get eaten ha-ha. Was very surprised when I got a package and again thank you so much for doing that, this is a great service that you all provide. I shared everything with my Soldiers and we all thank you. Again I can’t thank you all enough, was a great pleasure to receive this and I feel honored to be a part of such a great nation and company for doing this.

Our goal is 50 military care packages shipped this year. Help us reach our goal. We can do this!

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