New World Disorder-We ship Military Care Packages

29505_1368143937893_1660551416_947560_6011910_nIt is becoming more clear by the days and weeks that the Global Force for peace (U.S., Military) is the only thing that can separate warring parties all over the world. The countries leadership has to ask it self do we want to subject or bright and heroic Military to dog fights all over the world. I learned as a kid don’t get between two or more dogs fighting it out, you will get bit.

Our Military can save the world but we can’t keep people who hate each other worst than they hate the U.S. from killing each other Our troops go in and do what ever they are asked to do. Their lives are on the line against fanatics who can’t wait to die on one hand and the others can’t wait to flee.

I don’t think our Military should be used to stop killers on both sides from doing what they will always do until the end of time. My hope is we will keep supporting our troops at a high level so they know we give a care about their safety and welfare. Prayer, letters, Cards, Military Care Packages will let them know we support them in what ever this crazy world throws at them.

Please donate for Military Care Package contents and shipping cost on this FB page or the page, a little donation goes a long way. Here is a response we got from one lady soldier: “Thank you very much for the care package that your organization sent to my unit!!!! We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring spirit. We, Soldiers love the support shown by our fellow Americans, especially the young Americans. It gives us that extra push we need to get through the day and lets us know that what we do is appreciated and that our sacrifices are noted.” This is what it’s all about. We ship military care package!

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