The Eagles at Berry College

The Eagles at Berry College in Rome Ga.

I have been in search of Eagles from everywhere I could get them to show on my FB page and WEB site, and I heard there was an Eagle’s nest in Rome GA. So Sunday morning I headed up there to check it out. The nest was 90 ft. in the air and you could see the top of the mothers head peering down at us from time to time, but no inflight opportunities after about an hour or so I Decided to leave. There were 4 other cannon shooters there they said when you leave the mother will surly take flight. As I headed to the car looking back at the nest she took flight. What a beautiful sight she soared way up so far in the sky you could hardly see her. She was always where she could see the nest. Then she came back over our heads and landed in a tree near by. Like this WEB site sends Military Care Packages to the troops in Afghanistan the Eagles mother and father brink fish and coots to the nest. They painstakingly and patiently feed the little Eaglet and it is growing by leaps and bounds. So keep brining those military care packages back to the nets momma and papa Eagles!

So go visit Berry college February thru May and witness a wonderful event. Bald Eagles a Hour and a half from Atlanta. It is an awesome site to see. You can also see it on Eagle cam awesome!




Here are some pictures from that day.

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