The Symbol of The United States of America


The Founding Fathers wanted to find a strong symbol to represent a fleling country in 1782. Something that was majestic and above all other symbols  of the time. The Bald Eagle meet all of those criteria. The Eagle is one of the most copied symbles on coins, the seal of the United Sates and many of its deferent departments, Military’s to web sites like this one. We thank Jason Morrisey for allowing us to show his beautiful pictures taken in Alaska. Here is a link to get to Jason WEB site so you can see other of his awesome landscape pictures.  Pictures like these help I Honor Your Service To America to attract attention to the need to help our defenders stay strong and encouraged with Military Care Packages that we send to support our heroes.

IMG_6944_1-eagle IMG_6929_1-SQ egale IMG_6982_1-12x8 IMG_6968_1-12x8

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