Thank You Donors, and Supporters in 2013

Happy New Year Donors Supporters and Liker’s on FB of this cause. You all have contributed in some way to making someone in the war zone feel like someone back home in the USA gives a care about what they are doing for this country in the name of protecting our freedoms wherever and whenever they are called upon to act! They can’t call in sick and say, “Hey boss, I have a little sniffle so I am going to stay home today” No, their lives depend on them being at the ready when duty calls. Here is an example of one response I got after they received a package from you:

Hello to all from,
I got the package Sat. November 9th. My Soldiers and I really appreciate your time and effort that was put into getting the package here. When you’re in locations like some of us Soldiers are in, just getting a package with items that remind you of home brings your motivation up a level. If one Soldiers motivation increases it helps to bring up another Soldier and so on. As a Platoon Sergeant a boost of motivation keeps the moral up and keeps Soldiers alert. There’s a saying in the ARMY that says “Stay alert stay alive”. So if a package can help keep us motivated it keeps us alive and we the Soldiers love motivation and life. So thank you again for the LIFE you sent to us.



When I get a letter like that it makes me know what we are all doing is the right thing to do is send Military Care Packages. I get motivated as well to pack the Military Care Packages and send them off. Donors with your help we have sent approx. 500 lb. of various items to Afghanistan this year. Items such as toiletry products, magazines, books, CDs, knitted wear, DVDs, canned goods, snack items, cookies, beef jerky, cocoa, first aid items, challenge coins, cards, letters, playing cards, games and more. All shipments of Military Care Packages are shown on FB. Bottom line, folks: we have made a difference in our service personnel’s lives. Thank you to so much for your commitment and donations. We aim to support our troops in 2014…

Supporters / Donors list
AT&T Lindbergh Center (anonymous donors)

AT&T Vets. ERG

Betty Slappy

Charles Mbha

Charlie Fitch


Dollar Smart Store Suwanee

David Alexander tennis club

Doris Hayman

Elizabeth Hayman

Fiber to the world AT&T

Ghram Kinard AT&T

Girl Scouts troop

Hellen Barker

Judi Perez

Larie Simms

Lisa Sutton

Luci Stoffer

Mark Harper

Mica Woods – Order of Business, LLC

Natalie Hayman

Rick Bowen

Robin McClam

Ron Hayman Jr.

Ron Hayman Sr.

Steve Joiner

Suwanee Family Denistry

Tinamarie Kerrigan AT&T

Todd Hicks – Allegiance Retirement Solutions

Victoria Teage Family

Wilma Taylor

Wolf pack 589

I Honor Your Service To America!

This is an example of I Honor Military Care Package sent to our heroes around the world.

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