A Season for Veterans

Frame web nov 11 2013

Honoring our troops with Military Care Packages! Honoring our Veterans that have served.

November is not just the month that thanksgiving resides and gets the most press. November is a month we celebrate our Veterans and thank them for the sacrifices made on behalf of this Nation. Our mission is to send Military Care Packages our troops.

· November 3rd. The day Daylight Saving Time Ends, a day we begin to shed light on our Nation’s heroes, male, female, diverse force, and committed to the protection of this country.

· November 2nd (this year falling on the 5th) A day for Americans to vote for those they want to represent them in the halls of local, state, or national office. We thank our Veterans and military for securing our ability
to have this day and others to cast one vote for one America.

· November 6th. The date legislation passed authorizing the Women’s Memorial (1986) at Arlington National Cemetery. Picture from Women’s Memorial Calendar 2013

· November 10th. The US Marine Corps established in 1775. There have been many, the few, and the proud Marine Veterans who have fought gallantly whenever/wherever called to duty. Happy Birthday Marines! Roy Goodwin, who is
89 years young! Mr. Godwin participated in WWII. Thank you Mr. Goodwin, I Honor your Service to America!
· November 11th. Veterans Day – World War I Armistice Signed. A day Veterans are honored for their sacrifice, their service, steadfast devotion to Duty, Honor, Country.

· November 23rd. USCG Women’s Reserve established in 1942, information and pictures from the Women’s Memorial Special Edition Calendar. Thanks to all of the women who supported, served, sacrificed, for this nation in every
way possible.

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