The Few The Proud The Marines

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Today I am to blogging about a woman named Regina Holland I work with who brought her son to the office to meet her fellow coworkers. Regina and we got into a conversation about the military because of a shirt that I wear honoring combat units. The subject came up about her son a Marine. I told her about my charitable 501c3 org. I Honor Your Service To, Inc. and told her if he gets deployed to a combat zone my organization would like to support him with I Honor care packages.

I was surprised a few days after our conversation, there he was at work, SSgt Holland, Shernard D. (his military name his Mom said). I was impressed, he is a handsome young man a very polite Marine, strong hand shake, and a confidence you see in men who have successfully accomplish what it takes, to become a Marine.

The thought then went through my mind, Regina offered her most valuable treasure, her son to the US military to help protect this country, and he a strong, young, intelligent, young man decided to join the Marines and be the tip of the spear for any challenge that this country might encounter, to be the first to meet an enemy threat or be the first to hit a beach on foreign soil, the first to be out in front to face danger the minute he is called to go. SSgt Holland I could tell understood his mission in life. It just made me think, how many parents, their sons and daughters make that decision to take that responsibility to sacrifice for this nation. The hours of training, the physical endurance needed to defend this country. it just was very touching to see how proud Regina is of her son. SSgt Holland, I Honor Your Service To America! Lets send them love in the form of cards letters and Military Care Packages.

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