Armed Forces Day 2013 – Sad day for women in the military?

Armed Forces Day 2013…
This weekend we celebrate Armed Forces day. It is however a sad day for the military and a shame for women who volunteer to defend our nation have to endure the unusual fear for her safety in her own unit or on her own post from sexual terrorism. Yes I said the T word. The whole mission of the military is to protect people in this country, and act as a cohesive national unit to protect America. I don’t blame this on the men and certainly not on the women. The blame falls directly on a government to big and fat to do the right thing. Our government is like a person who has grown so big and fat and can no longer clean up after it self. If their was the proper accountability and zero tolerance for this type of behavior, the environment would be much safer for women in the military.

The recycled excuses coming from those in leadership (both sides) government can’t get out of it’s own way when it come to accountability of any subject you bring up about governmental operations, the same old promises same old excuses, same old stuff getting swept under the rug. Support our Armed Forces

You ask yourself why do women put up with this constant cloud of potential sexual harassment.?They put up with it because there is opportunity in the military and they perform their duties just like the men and are there serving our nation and should never be concerned about sexual attacks..
The military needs to get this fixed or maybe they should go back to the days when the I was in the Army and women were segregated from men. We could march past their barracks in a platoon but pity the fool that got caught snooping around the women’s barracks. Where is the accountability?

The government is like a levy with holes in it. That is why we need to support or women in the military even more and pray the military gets this taken care off right now! I Honor Your service to,inc try to reach out to women in combat roles and combat support roles in the war zone by sending I Honor care packages that have things in them that would appeal to women and bring a little taste of back home to them.  We look for opportunities to support women that way because they help defend our nation just like the men. If you know a woman or man serving in a war zone we would like to know APO Address, name and rank, I Honor Your Service To,Inc. 501c3 would like to send some love to the war zone. Pictures shown are from the Women’s memorial Calendar- Arlington Cemetery – Visit!

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