North Korea three generations of cuckoo

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North Korea three generations of cuckoo, tyrant, lunatic leadership. I was in Korea during the Vietnam war1969 1970, and this same craziness was going on then with threats, and attacks on South Korea. I remember on one occasion when I was taking some soldiers up to the NCO Academy on the DMZ, instead of going the direct route we went the scenic route and ran into convoys of South Korean soldiers and American soldiers on alert and moving north because of a firefight up on the DMC where some of the soldiers were wounded. The North Koreans shot down a medevac air ambulance helicopter trying to save the wounded. On another occasion the North Koreans sent commandos through tunnels and by sea to Seoul Korea to assassinate Park chung-hee the president of South Korea at the time. The commandos were unsuccessful and killed not far from his presidential quarters. Because of such actions by the North Koreans, American troops are put on alert a kind of state of war. Our compound was on lockdown for weeks, we couldn’t leave our post because of threats from North Korea.

I’m saying all this to say that our troops have been on alert since this new cuc koo president has taken over. I understand and know the stress that they’re going through and I’m asking folks to send APO addresses from combat troops stationed up on the DMC in the 2nd Infantry Division and others. When I was in Korea those troops on the DMZ were called the trip wire which meant American troops had to engage the North and hold off the north until other American troops could arrive. The bottom line is if the North Koreans did come South many would be killed. South Koreans are good people and are great friends of America. They also sent troops to Vietnam to support the USA when we were fighting there.

Please remember American troops are there defending freedom, and we should be in support of them. I have included some pictures from when I was stationed in South Korea with an 8th Army Signal Battalion. I’m asking for your support either by clicking on the PayPal button or sending snacks or toiletries to support our troops, let our troops know that even though they are several thousand miles away, we are thinking of them and in support of them. I Honor Your Service To America, troops serving around the world, a “global force for good.”

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