Veteran’s Day Surprise

A surprise just in time for Veterans Day. After more than 3 years supporting our Troops along receiving support from friends, AT&T Vets, I Honor Your Service To,Inc. now has official 501c3 status. I would like to thank God, my wife and family, board members, Face Book Friends, my boss and colleagues at AT&T, The Wolf Cub Pack 589, neighbors, The Foundation Group, for support, encouragement and donations for the troops.

Why do I support our military? When I enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam War, support for the military was at an all time low. The draft was unpopular, people were trying to avoid enlisting because of the war. Some would boo and spit on our troops coming back from serving their country.

I am proud to support those who serve especially those in combat, or combat support rolls in war zones, and I have special heart for those women who have served in the military or supported a spouse deployed.

Let us not forget the life long sacrifices Veteran’s make in proudly serving their country please join me in supporting our troops monetarily or by donating non perishable items like snacks, toiletries, cards, letters, phone cards for shipping of I Honor care packages to our troops who many are stationed in some of the worst 3rd world locations defending the USA.

People have asked many times. Is there a way to contribute to the support of our military and now there is a way, which is also tax deductible. To donate on my WEB site Home Page click the Donate Button. Thank you for supporting our troops…

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