Volunteering At the USO

USO for our Heroes

AT&T Volunteers worked at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Sunday Sept. 9. We greeted the soldiers, answered their questions, prepared lunch snacks and provided encouragement. We were so proud of the soldiers both men and women. I took some pictures that will show you what the USO is all about. I call it the Crown room for heroes. They can come in drop their bags eat a meal, snacks, watch a football game, talk to family, catch some zzz in a safe place. Here are some pictures of heroes and volunteers that served that day.

One SGT had her security German Shepard Dzamar a explosives sniffing dog. Sgt Grennidge and the dog were on their way make from the Gan, to their new duty station at Ft. Drum. Sgt Grennidge had a supportive boot on because of an injury sustained in the war. She is in good spirits and healing well. She was traveling with her parents.

We tried to make their short stay in Atlanta a pleasant one. Very very young men and women fighting our nations battles. It makes you want to do more for them…

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