The US Navy Seal Teams

The Military Pride of America, going anywhere, to perform any task, to make any sacrifice to accomplish the objective. Do you know a US Navy Seal? You probably don’t because they are not trained to go around with their chest pushed out, or spiking a ball in celebration. They are the best trained human fighting machines on earth. They operate in conditions most can’t imagine. When you do find out about one you would never suspect that person was a US Navy Seal. They travel clandestinely and parachute out of C130s or disembark from submarines. The pirates know the Seals will get them and unless they give up, they will become deceased. They are dedicated to accomplish their missions, their families endure the results. Here is a child that appreciates the work of our military. If you aren’t choked up by this letter, kids get it… I Honor Your Service to America.

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