It has happened!

Our forces have suffered something that happens in war. A mass killing of our brothers in arms. First there is disbelief or hope it was a mistake by the media that possibly they got the story wrong. Then the gut wrenching pain that follows when the story seems legit. Special Forces families go through this but many military families experience this whenever they hear of our forces suffering a lose like the one this weekend. Pray for comfort for the families. Pray for what will happen to them after they receive the Flag in Honor of their fallen. Then pray for God’s protection over those still over there fighting for US. Remember to FB, Tweet, Skype, call, write, send packages to your love ones. Tell them I Honor Your Service to America.

Please reach out to the devastated families of our brave fallen in some way

If anyone is interested in donating to the families of the Navy Seals that were killed last weekend checkout their website,

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