Vet’s Day in Las Vegas

I Honor USA was in Las Vegas and attended the Veterans Day Parade, one of the largest on that side of the country. We got to see the pride of the area for our military and the strong support they give our heroes. 40, 000 military live within 200 miles of Las Vegas. So celebrations for this day means so much to Patriots in and around Las Vegas. To top it off most of them travel through McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

The USO (United Service Organizations Inc.) opened up for service for the first time on this Veterans Day. This lounge has a snack bar, computer stations with Internet access, high-definition televisions with video game consoles, and a movie theater. For those who don’t know, a USO is kind of like a Delta Crown room at the airport. Soldiers can relax while they wait for the next flight out. USO’s are supported by volunteers.

While at the parade I met Jim Gamboa, Vietnam Veteran who served his country 1964-1968 he is in the picture with his son. Jim also has a daughter serving in Afghanistan. Thank you Jim for your service and your daughter for her service to America. God bless your family.

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