The numbers 9 and 11 took on a whole new perspective after September 11, 2001. America will never refer to 9/11 the same ever again. One day in the history of this country has forever changed America’s psyche when they are reminded of that day. I was at work when the planes hit the towers; someone came into our office and said a plane hit the world trade center. I immediately thought a small plane lost its way and mistakenly ran into one of the towers. I turned on the radio on my desk to the horrible realization that our America had been attacked.  I went to the Network Operations Center because they had TV monitors to see what was going on. To my disbelief, it was happening, war against our country. The feeling was one of extreme sadness…

The feeling was the same one I felt when I joined the military and was transported to the home of the 82nd Airborne Div. Ft. Bragg NC by troop train. The train stopped in Washington DC for a long time. It was late and getting dark. My buddy Craig and I walked to the back of the train to the horrible realization that the train was unloading 25 flag draped caskets on to the terminal of soldiers who had been killed in the fighting in Vietnam. That day changed our perspective about what we were volunteering to do. It was like a punch in the gut, sadness for those who gave their lives. While I think and write about this I can hardly see the keyboard through the tears that are welling up in my eyes. I honor those who died in that war.

The attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the heroes who fought to their deaths in Pennsylvania to prevent the designs of the enemy put this country on a new footing. In the coming months after the attack, while at work we would see train after train of military arms passing by our building. I knew the next move would be a war to eliminate those who would come against us.

I Honor the Americans who threw their differences, religions, races and creeds behind the idea that we will defend our Nation. Men and Women came forward to defend our country where we live, our home the USA!

I Honor Your Service to America, those of you who were inspired to defend our country before and after 9/11. Those of you that have lost limbs, have PTSD, have psychological problems, the disabled, the homeless Vets…. I remember the energy my friend Craig and I had going off to war.  The danger, chaos, on 24 hours 7 days a week, constant training, preparing, focusing, fired up, on the go, the promotions, demotions, the sniping, hurry up, the waiting, the characters, the good times and the scary times…would I do it again? Hell yes!   I Honor Your Service to America.

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