Board of Directors

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Ron Hayman


Is a Disabled Veteran Ron Hayman is a Veteran in the Army during the Vietnam ERA serving in Korea. Ron started supporting the troops in 2008 and obtained the 501c3 determination letter on October 18, 2012. He currently works for AT&T and a member of the Southeastern Veterans Employee Resource Group, or AT&T vets and they support I Honor with AT&T Vets Challenge Coins that we add to our military care packages. Challenge Coins are coins that most military units have as their unit coin.

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Laurie Simms


Works for AT&T as a project manager also a veteran and enlisted in 1977 to be trained as an Intelligence Analyst. Completed AIT in 1978 from the US Army Intelligence School and deployed to Germany. Served in S-1/S-2 (Headquarters and Security) at the battalion level. Was transferred in 1980 to Ft Devens, MA to serve as their intelligence school as a vault custodian. Redeployed to South Korea in 1982 to be a watch NCO at the Joint Forces Command (all military services US/South Korean). Returned to the US Army Intelligence School in 1984 to serve as an instructor until leaving the service.

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Margery Childs


I enjoy helping small businesses and start-ups with their accounting and business issues, but I also love to write.  It was my good fortune to major in Journalism in college (Georgia State University) and then get an associate degree in Accounting (Georgia Perimeter College) Having a passion for freelance writing and solid accounting skills.