Why Military Support?

The battlefield is in the Soldiers mind

As Joyce Myers says, the battlefield is in the mind. This year’s initiative for deployed troops is not only supporting them, as my grandson said, “by giving them stuff”. During 2024, IHONORUSA wants to help them in another unique way. We will support them with the “battlefield in their minds”.

When I deployed to Korea in 1968

After about 6-9 months, the girls I dated in high school, my buddies, and my relatives stopped sending letters and care packages. Eventually, I was the guy who was not the envy of his unit. I became just like the other guys who had to march to mail call with the “agony of defeat” on their faces because they knew there was no mail for them.

Out of site out of mind

What was I thinking? Nobody gave a care that I was thousands of miles from home in South Korea which was colder than my hometown of Philly, defending America. IHONORUSA has been sending care packages to service members globally. We will top 3000 this year since our 2012 inception.

Like, Love and Care on Facebook

Because of so many click comments on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn we have seen in support of troops. Would you consider turning those “Likes, Loves, and Cares” into cards and letters to the multitude of service members who are deployed worldwide? A letter or card from someone the service member doesn’t know would be an incredible boost to troops who have had their deployments extended multiple times, missed family occasions, been on call 24×7, etc.

Let’s connect with troops with cards and letters

It would be awesome to connect with someone who may be battling depression or homesickness for extended months. This is more than the mission they initially signed up for. It is the “other battlefield” in our service members’ minds. 

If you would love to support us, please send your cards and letters to IHONORUSA.com, PO BOX 238 Suwanee GA, 30024

If you would love to donate to this cause, send a check to the address above or click here IHONORUSA.com/Donate

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