Margery Phelps


Thank you Margery for your support of deployed troops.

From the Founder, Ron Hayman Sr.

I have agonized over this post about our Board Member Margery Phelps,

I have not posted in a couple of weeks because a dear friend and board member of I honor your service To America has passed away. Margery was our  bookkeeper, and she had many other clients I met Margery in 2011. My daughter rented a house from Margery, and while getting to know Margery, she asked me what kind of work I did. I told her I worked for AT&T and had recently started a non-profit supporting deployed troops with military care packages. Margery was a patriot who loved America and sought a way to serve the troops deployed worldwide. She donated the time she worked in honor of our soldiers.

Margery was very supportive and loved seeing the emails and letters from the troops thanking us for the care packages we sent. Margery was an avid writer and publisher. We were blessed to have such a talent on our board. This is Margery’s website link: Is no longer active…

Margery was very loving to her family, and we pray for their comfort in these trying times. Thank you, Margery, for your loyal support of our troops.

God bless you.