Thank you Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers!
National Volunteer Month
When I started the Charity, “I Honor Your Service To America,” a few people supported the idea of blessing deployed troops around the world. However, I never imagined the potential of supporting our troops without the number of Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers it would take to get to where we are today supporting troops. As an individual contributor supporting over 65 technicians while working at AT&T, I was use to working with very little collaboration.
Starting a charity from scratch with a few supporters, I eventually embraced the idea of having more people involved in the dream, the aspiration of supporting troops many miles from home. As time went on, I realized other people would step up and support the idea of sending military care packages to deployed troops and embrace the mission to Honor, Support, and encourage our deployed troops to combat prone areas around the world.
On behalf of board members Laurie Simms and Margery Phelps, Thank you to all volunteers who give their precious time and energy to support deployed troops worldwide.

Packing session 1/12/2020