Girly Girl Project with AT&T Pioneers


The Girly Girl Project with AT&T Pioneers

A representative of the AT&T pioneers, Sheila Hull, contacted me about a project they could work on to support our troops through As we were speaking, I said to Sheila I recently got a note from a Platoon SGT in South Korea talking about his female soldiers. The females said, “it gets tough being with males all the time and not being able to be a female. So anything girly is appreciated because we sometimes feel left out. After all, we receive a lot of essential Tampons and Pads. However, we desire to have some other things like hair ties, female ChapStick, colorful pens, Bobby Pens, Scrunches, baby wipes, chocolate, colorful socks, no fragrance body lotions, sunscreen, basic make-up compacts-things that make us feel like women for part of our day.”

That spoke volumes to me. I know I strive to get what females want, but I fall short. As I have said before, we send almost 50 percent of the care packages to females. I have seen some of the things the AT&T Pioneers have collected, and for sure, we will have some happy Girly Girls when they know what the AT&T Pioneers have provided.

Thank you AT&T Pioneers for your support!

Artwork by Lily Cekan

Happy International Woman’s Day