Happy New Year To Support Troops Deployed

Initiatives for 2022

Focus on providing more: specific things that females in the military would like to have. Here is an example of a note received from a female deployed overseas.


it gets tough being with males all the time and not being able to be a female. Anything girly is appreciated because we sometimes feel left out. After all, we receive a lot of essential Tampons and Pads. We desire to have some other things like hair ties, female ChapStick, colorful pens, Bobby Pens, Scrunches, Baby wipes, chocolate, colorful socks, No fragrance body lotions, sunscreen, basic make-up compacts. Things that make us feel like women for part of our day.

Almost half of the care packages go to women deployed with most units we serve.

Excellent Contents: 

We are getting requests for more of a variety of things like laundry soap, colored pencils, coloring books, markers, crayons, coffee pots, sunglasses. We will provide more of these requests because of supply chain issues.


We have been providing masks in the care packages since the beginning of the 2020 COVID Pandemic. We will supply a better N95 mask that will provide better protection for our service members.


Thank you for your continued support of  deployed troops worldwide. The Impact is better morale over for our troops.