R.E.D. Friday


RED” Friday seems to roll around faster each week so Remember Everyone Deployed. A lot is going on at this time of year: Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, Christmas, and year-end giving are just around the corner.

Please remember our deployed troops earlier this year as military supply chains are stressed, even though they are considered the best in the world. Additionally, the US postal service is at an all-time s-l-o-w-e-r delivery! Therefore, this year IHONORUSA is looking for small and unique gifts to add to the care packages. As always, space in the care packages is limited, so we have to be smart about what we put in the restricted room and still send our usual snacks and toiletries.

Right now, with your support, we are adding Christmas music, Christmas holiday cards, and purchasing Christmas items to put in the care packages. If you have any ideas for nice small gifts to add, please let us know. THANKS FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!!