Sad events for our military


Afghanistan mission over

IHONORUSA’s mission to support deployed troops in Afghanistan is complete. However, sending care packages to soldiers there and corresponding with them since 2012 leaves a wounded vacuum in my heart over the tragedy happening in country.

Servicemen and women died for country

Yesterday, America lost hero U.S. service members who made the ultimate sacrifice as part of a mission to evacuate American citizens and others who have helped the United States fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, many other American service members were also seriously injured in this terrorist attack.

Pray for our fallen and wounded

IHONORUSA extends its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those service members who lost their lives and others who were seriously wounded. They died as they sought to help their fellow citizens escape Afghanistan, as well as Afghan allies who were seeking to flee the terrorist takeover of their country. As a military support organization, IHONORUSA is steadfast in its commitment to serve our deployed service members wherever they get an order to go. Please pray for the families of the wounded and the families of the fallen. Would you please keep the heroes still working on the mission to save others in your thoughts and prayers?