Afghanistan Desaster

Afghanistan – Leave no man, woman, or Afghan service ally behind.

I have been processing the horrific events in Afghanistan. It hurts me to my core to see the events playing out on the world stage. has been supplying care packages to our soldiers deployed to Afghanistan since 2012. In addition, I have had many correspondences with brave soldiers, Lieutenant Colonel’s, Majors, and others who served there. Soldiers have sent pictures from a mountain top near the giant Bagram Airbase there. I had ongoing discussions with a Major there who could not accept the Vietnam war was a defeat of the United States and truly believed that would never happen again to America. Deja vu all over again.

How did this happen?

Everyone has questions about how this could happen. My question is, most people in government, the military our intelligence operatives knew this was a bad idea, not to remove Americans and friendlies safely. So why not say no, Mr. President? Leaving this way is not a good plan. But the President believed this was a Fait accompli scenario. The words ring hauntingly clear from Hillary Clinton “what difference at this point, does it make?” America looks weaker than France and Britain, is sending commandos into Kabul to pick up their countrymen and women. Our United States Generals are saying, “we don’t have the capacity to get our friends and allies out.” Really? We actually have the best capacity in the world to rescue our folks.

They told the President don’t do it this way!

At what time do military leaders say, Mr. President, that’s a dumb idea? Oh, they did say that. Let’s give people time to leave with Honor while we have the capacity to evacuate in an orderly manner and keep the Taliban at bay. I wonder how long the blame game will go on. God help us…