Women Stand Up for IHONORUSA

Women Stand Up for IHONORUSA.com

If you are wondering what that means. Women are extremely responsible for the success of IHONORUSA sending care packages to deployed troops.

We like to tell the stories about how different things qualify to get into the care packages—instead, this story is about the women behind the cause. While working at AT&T plus volunteering and supporting veterans initiatives, I wanted to expand that support and provide assistance to deployed troops in countries far from the United States. I spoke to my coworker and friend Laurie Simms about helping with the cause. She was on board from the very beginning.

Over the years, women have been at the core of IHONORUSA providing donations, volunteering, and making items to be included in the care packages. Our honor this month goes to women in the military, considered as first responders, as they risk their lives like never before. We honor women who make the world’s charities run on their passion for caring for others.

Please check out some of the women who step up, step out, and support deployed service members worldwide in various ways—IHONORUSA salutes Women’s Month.